About Troy Energy | Independent Oil and Gas Acquisition Company

About Us

Troy Energy is an independent oil and gas acquisition, development, and exploration company based in Oklahoma City.

Our primary goal is to maximize value and achieve strong returns for our partners while maintaining sustainable, safe, and efficient operations.

Core Values

Operational Excellence

Strong focus on operational safety, efficiency, and sustainability practices

Determine property potential via in-depth technical analyses by our premier geoscience, engineering, and land teams

Employ new technologies to minimize operating costs and maximize production

Integrity & Sustainability

Uphold social, environmental, and corporate responsibility in all aspects of our operations

Support communities where we live and work become stronger and safer by valuing them as stakeholders in our work

Provide a safe, inclusive, and diverse work environment for every member of our team


Maximize value and return on investment for stable yet continual growth

Pivot investments between production, acquisitions, and development based on changes in commodity prices and service costs

Use our expertise to identify and capitalize on new opportunities and methods

Corporate Strategy

As a value-driven company, our primary objective is to deliver stable and attractive rates of return for our partners.

We consistently accomplish this goal by applying our knowledge and expertise in acquisition, development, and exploration:

  • Acquire existing high-quality, productive properties.
  • Enhance producing properties through production optimization, technology, and vendor and cost management.
  • Develop and drill existing fields to maximize recovery of reserves with safe and efficient operational practices.

Inclusion & Diversity

As core values, Ethics and Sustainability are central to how we view our operational responsibility as well as our responsibility as an employer. We strive to ensure every member of our team is encouraged to contribute to their fullest potential and make a positive impact every day.

We believe “sustainability” not only pertains to our impact on the environment but also our impact on the individuals we employ.
Delivering strong operational and financial results in a safe, environmentally, and socially responsible way requires the expertise and positive contributions of every employee.

We promote inclusion and diversity in all aspects of our company operations because we believe the range of thought, experiences, and perspectives that comes as a result is extremely beneficial to our problem-solving and decision-making processes.

Ethics & Compliance

We are committed to ensuring every aspect of our company is conducted with the highest standards of corporate ethics and professional conduct, and expect the same from every member of our team.

Personal and corporate responsibility is essential to the high standards we strive to uphold as a reputable employer, trusted business partner, and respected corporate citizen—all of which allow us to create sustainable value for our partners and investors.

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Dial toll-free within the United States: (405) 842-4500


Leadership Team

Tony Say | Troy Energy Chairman and CEO

Tony Say, Chairman & CEO

Tony Say brings over forty years of oil and gas expertise to his position as Chairman and CEO of Troy Energy. He began his career in energy marketing with Delhi Gas Pipeline Corporation and, in the following years, served as founder and President of Clinton Gas Transmission, LLC, President of Marketing at Chesapeake Energy, and co-founder and president of Red Mountain Energy, LLC.

In 1999, he founded Clearwater Enterprises, an Oklahoma City-based retail and wholesale gas marketing company and continues to serve as company president today.

Valerie Mitchell, President

Valerie Mitchell has over 20 years of experience in the energy industry, most recently as CEO and director/board member of Corterra Energy, a Mid-Continent operator. Before Corterra, Valerie was a Vice President with Newfield Exploration. Leading the Mid-Continent Division, she developed and executed a STACK and SCOOP acquisition, exploration, and development strategy that significantly increased production and grew annual revenue to $1+ billion.

In addition to her executive roles, Valerie is a non-executive Director member of NCS Multistage Holdings, a publicly held, oilfield services company.

Valerie Mitchell | President of Troy Energy
Koray Bakir | Chief Financial Officer of Troy Energy

Koray Bakir, Chief Financial Officer

Koray is co-founder and CFO of Troy Energy and has over 15 years of experience in the oil and gas and commodities marketing industries where he manages the company’s accounting, financing, and reporting functions and coordinates relationships with financial institutions and investors.

Koray is also a managing partner and Executive Vice President of Clearwater Enterprises, LLC, an Oklahoma City-based retail and wholesale gas marketing company.