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Read answers to commonly asked questions and general topics regarding ownership changes, guidelines for new owners, direct deposits and payments, and other related topics.

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Important Forms

Owner Direct Deposit (ACH) Form
W-9 – IRS Form
Transfer Instructions to Heir When Owner is Deceased
Affidavit of Heirship Instruction Letter
Affidavit of Heirship Form

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Frequently Asked Questions

Address or Ownership Change

It is the owner’s responsibility to notify as to any ownership or status changes to reflect current record title.

Such changes include: name changes, trust or partnership changes, death of owner, and sale of interest. Requests must be received in writing, accompanied by a recorded conveyance document from the record title owner.

New Owners: Please include a W9 with your ownership change request to avoid issues with year-end 1099. If one is not submitted, we will contact you to confirm whether the owner should be suspended or have backup withholding before completing the change.

We encourage all owners to enroll in direct deposit. Please be sure to include a voided check or bank letter with your ACH authorization form. Please note: new ACH requests can take up to 3 business days to complete (longer if required documentation is incomplete).

Minimum Check Amount

The minimum revenue check amount is $100. Revenue checks below $100 but above $10 are paid annually.

Enroll in Direct Deposits

Please note: new ACH requests can take up to 3 business days to complete (longer if required documentation is incomplete).

Why Do I Need to Contact Division Orders?

Each situation is unique, and our Division Order team will be able to give you specific instructions on what to provide for ownership changes.

Informing us of all necessary changes related to deaths or any other situations regarding ownership interest as you become aware of them will eliminate unnecessary delays. If you have any questions about name changes due to getting married or divorced, putting your interest into a trust, transferring your ownership to someone else, or if there is a change in trustee, call us at (405) 842-4500 ext. 8.

Why Was Backup Withholding Deducted?

We are required by the Internal Revenue Service to withhold 28 percent of all revenue payments to U.S. residents if the taxpayer ID number (or Social Security number) is missing or invalid. The number provided must match the name on the payment as indicated per IRS records. This information is required to be provided to us in writing.

All backup withholding is reported on your 1099 at year-end, and it is considered a payment to the IRS on your behalf. We do not issue refunds for backup withholding. Royalty owners can report the withholding on their income tax returns at the end of the year. If you need to notify us of your valid Tax ID or Social Security number, please call us at (405) 842-4500 ext. 8.

When Does My Check Arrive?

Revenue checks are typically disbursed by the last business day of each month, as long as the amount is above the $100 minimum.

I Haven’t Received My Payment, What Should I Do?

The $100 minimum check amount for payment is the most common reason for non-receipt of payment. If you have recently moved, please visit our change of address section for instructions on how to update your address on file.

If neither of these applies, please call us at (405) 842-4500 ext. 8. You may be required to submit a written authorization to stop payment and reissue the check.

Stop Payment

If your check has been lost or stolen, please call us at (405) 842-4500 ext. 8 to stop payment and reissue it. If a stop payment has been issued on your check, payment will be issued to you in the next available check process. If a stop payment has been placed on your check, please do not attempt to cash it. Once a stop payment has been placed, the check is voided in our system and we will no longer honor it.

Why Does My Check Amount Change?

Changing market conditions can cause price fluctuations, while mechanical or operational problems or routine maintenance may temporarily affect production, causing downtime. If you have reason to believe an error has occurred, call us at (405) 842-4500 ext. 8.

When Will I Receive My IRS Form 1099-MISC?

Following IRS guidelines, 1099s are mailed on January 31 of each year. If you do not receive your 1099 by February 16 or if the information on your 1099 is incorrect, please call us at (405) 842-4500 ext. 8.