Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility

Our Value-Driven Approach

Troy Energy’s commitment to operational excellence drives us to discover and develop oil and natural gas using methods that are safe, efficient, and environmentally and socially responsible.

In addition, our expertise and value-driven approach keep us focused on the long-term sustainability and value that our partners expect from us.


We believe environmental responsibility is more than a necessary operational practice, it’s the right thing to do.

To continuously improve our environmental performance, we take a proactive and action-oriented approach to our operations and consider the potential environmental impacts of our operations when planning activities and making decisions.

Additionally, we incorporate tools and techniques that enable us to minimize our impact on the air, water, and land and often go above and beyond what industry environmental compliance standards require.


Providing a safe and healthy workplace for our employees, contractors, and communities is key to corporate responsibility and builds a culture of trust and teamwork.

We incorporate a wide variety of methods to prepare our team members, such as comprehensive safety training and orientation, on-the-job guidance and resources, safety engagements, recognition, and other educational tools. Additionally, we plan, design, drill, and produce wells using proven best practices, technologies, tools, and materials to safeguard our well site teams and the nearby communities.


We are dedicated to maintaining the trust of our partners and therefore place primary emphasis on vital aspects of our corporate governance practices that enable us to do so—such as proactive partner engagement, risk management, ethics, and integrity.

We are determined to uphold our culture of integrity and accountability in our decision-making, operations, and relationship-building, and are guided by our core values every step of the way.

Relationships form the backbone of our business.


We strive to serve the communities where we live and work, doing whatever we can to make them safer, stronger, and more vibrant.

We make it a priority to proactively engage with our neighbors to understand their concerns, assess their needs, and determine the most effective ways we can help before taking action. These engagements are guided by our desire to work in a way that earns trust, upholds company integrity, and fulfills our social, environmental, and corporate responsibilities for the benefit of all.


We seek to create a culture of integrity, mutual trust, and accountability by upholding our core values and hiring the best people.

In doing so, we promote an inclusive, diverse, and respectful work environment in which our employees embrace their roles and motivate each other to be their best.

We expect each member of our team to maintain the highest levels of personal and professional responsibility, work as team players and good neighbors, and work to maximize value for our partners. Learning through work, training, and development, our employees are encouraged to expand their knowledge and skills, share their expertise, and apply their creativity.

Our team is a group of motivated, focused, and hard-working talent that have dedicated their careers to oil and gas.